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Impact for Families

Congress is working to address COVID-19 quickly, especially by attending to economic and public health needs. The RPC can respond to a range of issues affecting children and families during this crisis.

RPC Summaries

Mitigating the Implications of Coronavirus Pandemic on Families

We're producing summaries of  key resources on topics including:



Families who depend on early childhood care systems 


Establishing day care centers for children

with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Impact of school closures on students

receiving special education supports

The role of volunteers, youth groups,

and churches for families in rural areas

Isolation and the severity of substance

use and mental health challenges



                     Transitioning to telework and supporting healthcare workers

                            Food insecurity 

Heightened risk for child maltreatment and domestic violence

Exacerbating inequalities and impact on vulnerable groups


Challenges for families who experience homelessness or incarceration


Featured fact sheets

Supporting Healthcare Workforce Amid  Coronavirus Pandemic

Luke T. Russell, PhD, CFLE-P | 

Dept of Family and Consumer Science, Illinois State University

  • What do we know about the Impact of Pandemics on Families? Lessons from SARS and H1N1

  • How Policies and Government Support Can Help Sustain Families and the Healthcare Workforce During a Pandemic?

Supporting Substance Use Patients in Recovery

  • Reduce Social Isolation

  • Improve Access to Safe Treatment

Camille Cioffi, University of Oregon & andra Wilkinson, Child Trends

Opioid Risk Mitigation

Camille Cioffi, University of Oregon & andra Wilkinson, Child Trends

  • Access to Unused Syringes

  • Access to Naloxone & Fentanyl Test Kits


Key External Resources

Child Trends: Resources for Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-being during the COVID-19 Pandemic

ZERO to THREE: Tips for Families: Coronavirus

Harvard University Center on the Developing Child: Stress, Resilience, and the Role of Science: Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Pew Research Center COVID-19 Resources

A very thorough analysis of the Coronavirus Pandemic: Politicians, Community Leaders and Business Leaders: What Should You Do and When?

Early Learning Nation: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving COVID-19: 8 Strategies to Keep Children Healthy and Happy

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Helping Children Cope with Coronavirus and Uncertainty

National Association of School Psychologists: Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource

National Institute for Early Education Research: Resources for Early Childhood Policymakers on Preventing and Preparing for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Early Childhood Development Action Network: Early Childhood-Focused COVID-19 Resourcess

NAEYC: Coping with COVID-19

National Institute on Drug Abuse Resources to support and guide people with substance use disorders and in recovery.

The John hopkins university Interactive database shows cases by each U.S. state and country.

FutureLearn free online educational videos about Coronavirus and discussion forum about implications.

The Federation of American Scientists has created an Ask a scientist tool, in collaboration with the Government Lab at NYU, the New Jersey Innovation Unit and NSPN, to answer questions about COVID-19 and reduce misinformation about this pandemic.


Information leaflets and social media campaigns (e.g., NPR's comic leaflet for children).