Health Equity

Diabetes Programs for Tribal Communities

Policies and practices are needed to decrease stress burden for AIANs at risk for diabetes and for those managing diabetes. This involves two broad strategies:

  1. Reduce stressor exposures for AIANs.

  2. Buffer the effects of stressors on health for AIANs.

Specific Recommendations:

  • Program implementation

  • Increase support to tribal clinics

  • Promote mental health for AIANs managing diabetes

  • Recommendations for AIANs programs

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Live recorded events

Congressional Briefing: Addressing Disparities in Black, Native American & Rural Communities During COVID-19 


Interviews: Health Disparities in Black, Native American & Rural Communities During COVID-19




  • Policy Recommendations to Consider

  • Health insurance coverage and access to paid family and medical leave (FMLA)

  • Mental health services within and beyond public sector clinics.

  • Stigma toward mental illness and mental health treatment.


COVID-19 and Racial Mental Health Disparities



The health and economic devastation of this outbreak, in addition to the distress raised by the recent killing of George Floyd and many others, are significantly contributing to the stress of the nation and disproportionately impacting the mental health of people of color.


Perinatal Support


Structural changes due to concerns related to COVID-19, are resulting in reduced social support and may result in higher maternal and infant mortality due to under-identification of perinatal complications.​​

For more information and resources on COVID-19 and its impact on children and families, click here.



Maternal & Infant health


Infant Mortality and Home Visit Programs

  • Comparing different types of home visitors within programs

  • Outcomes and costs of home visit programs

  • Impact of these programs on infant mortality and child health

  • Key Resources



Maternal Mortality Disparities:

Is Implicit Bias Training Effective?

  • Mortality rates for Black women are more than three times the rates of Asian, Latinx, and White women

  • Implicit Bias

  • Policy Recommendations

    • Improve data collection & healthcare access, address disparate hospital quality, fund researcg on innovative care models, & diversify health care professionals​



Maternal and Infant Health

Racial disparities are connected to maternal mortality, especially African American women.

  • Social and contextual factors predicting maternal health and infant mortality

    • Medical protocols for certain medical conditions​

    • Progesterone therapy

    • Home visiting programs 

    • Group care models

    • Doula support

  • Key Resources


Maternal Health and Race: Policy Recommendations for Mitigating & Preventing Disparities

Systemic maternal healthcare disparities disproportionately affect Black women and other women of color, particularly those also experiencing socioeconomic disadvantages. Provider training and inter-agency partnerships have the potential to buffer risks and support maternal health.