Researcher Training

Spring 2019

Our 2019 work at the federal level is largely focused on child maltreatment and related circumstances involving families or trauma. Policy issues range from poverty to human trafficking, or child maltreatment prevention to foster care, substance use to domestic violence.


We are looking to Pair and Prepare researchers to engage with congressional offices around their interest areas. Our training involves both web-based, interactive and didactic instruction, as well as hands-on coaching and support during policy responses. 

The training series takes place over 6 weeks in 1-hour increments, which allows us to process information between sessions and apply lessons during rapid responses to policymakers' questions. This also allows the training series to be adapted to incorporate real-time examples of current policy efforts - which helps to prepare participants for engaging around those issue areas.

The first training series will begin on Monday, April 18th at 3:00 EST (11am PST) and reoccur weekly until face-to-face meetings occur on May 30th between congressional staff and researchers who have corresponding areas of expertise. 

RSVP for the first training series:

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