RPC Researcher training ResourCes

Our trainings are designed to engage attendees in learning new skills. As such, trainings are intended to involve highly interactive sessions. Trainings are also adapted to different disciplines and policymaking contexts (e.g., states). Recordings and materials from prior live trainings are provided below.


Many groups find it beneficial to schedule a live training with their particular group, organization, or association. To inquire about arranging a live training, please contact Taylor Scott.

RPC Introduction Training:

Why, How, & FAQ

Adapting to the Policy Arena:

Interacting with Policymakers

(interactive component not recorded)


Introspective Exercises:

Values & beliefs, conflict management styles, interactive activities

 Policy Process and Avoiding the "Slippery Slope" of lobbying


Policy Process Brief

Advocacy vs. Lobbying: What's the difference? Understanding Regulations for Researchers and Nonprofits

Communicating Research with Policymakers

handout I

Best Practices for Clear Communication

handout II

How to write a compelling OpEd:

Considerations and Process

Legislative Meetings and a Role-Play Exercise

(interactive component not recorded)

handout I

Emailing Congress Before and After Meetings

handout II

Meet Legislators


Science Policy & Advocacy Roles in the U.S. Congress

Presentation Slides

Messaging Science for Legislators

Strategies for Developing Fact Sheets