Research Center Testimonies

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Jennie Noll

Professor of Human Development and Family Studies

Director, Child Maltreatment Solutions Network

Principal Investigator NICHD P50 Capstone Center for Healthy Children

The Child Maltreatment Solutions Network began to receive support for bridging research and policy through the Research-to-Policy Collaboration in 2017 when we were awarded a P50 NIH center grant for supporting child maltreatment research and its translation. The RPC has afforded us with national


recognition for child maltreatment prevention research by facilitating many direct connections with legislative officials as well as facilitating the policy activities of a broader network of national experts in this area. With their support, we have observed state-level legislative change pertaining to child maltreatment data.

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They also organized a congressional briefing related to national law that subsequently led to our being invited to testify at a congressional hearing as well as being asked to review drafted legislation. Importantly, they have helped us to navigate our role as scientists without lobbying, which is prohibited by federal funders. As such, we have provided technical assistance to legislative officials per request rather than advocating for specific legislative change. The consultative services we have received from the RPC team have also been highly adaptive based on our current policy goals. More recently, the RPC team has helped us to translate research related to services for victims of violence, including preparing and disseminating fact sheets, meeting with key legislative champions, and coordinating research translation efforts with advocacy centers so their teams are equipped with talking points about effective practice.

This service has been of tremendous value for our research center to be able to navigate policy efforts and relationships so that we can more effectively bridge research and policy.”

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Deanna Hoelscher

Professor in Health Promotion

Director, Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living

UTHealth School of Public Health in Austin 

“The TX RPC Project investigators and staff have made significant progress on implementing a Research-to-Policy Collaboration (RPC) model in Texas. It is designed to encourage bi-directional communication between state-level legislators and researchers. The goal of

the Texas RPC Project is to foster trusted relationships

between policymakers and researchers to increase flow of evidence-based information influencing policies at the state level.



The partnership with Research-to-Policy Collaboration consultants has enabled the TX RPC Project team to establish rapport with 19 matched researcher-legislator pairs and led to the development of 18 evidence-based resources in response to requests from the legislators to support policy planning for the 87th legislative session. Their support also helped to train researchers in the Texas Rapid Response Network, advise on communication strategies, and frame resources with bipartisan messaging. Stemming from these efforts, thirteen legislative bills introduced by RPC TX legislators were pre-filed, corresponded with the research provided by the TX RPC project team, and have moved through the legislative process. Of these bills, three Texas researcher network members were called upon to provide expert witness testimony.


In helping us to launch a state-level RPC project, the federal RPC team has provided us with a strong theoretical framework to complement our background in public health. Our TX RPC project continues to grow in influence, thanks to the partnership and collaborations with Penn State.”